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Are you ready to elevate your newborn sessions and create steady, year-round business?


Let me Guess...

You have an established photography business photographing families, but dread the cold weather months when business is slow. You want to offer newborn sessions, but hear crickets on your "lifestyle" newborn session posts. When you do photograph newborns, you feel frazzled when posing and ultimately frustrated when you go to edit and none of the images are exactly what you were envisioning. Leaving you discouraged and thinking "maybe newborns just aren't for me..."

You have a newer business and want to offer newborn sessions right away! You are excited about this new season in your future client's lives, but do not know where to start when it comes to not only posing, but also the business side. You have watched other photographers Reels or YouTube videos, but it feels like they are leaving out the actual helpful information you need.  


Imagine what it would be like...

If you had a constant stream of newborn inquiries, all year long. You have a confident game plan going into every session, regardless of how old the baby is or what light in their home looks like.

And the best part? What if you enjoyed newborn sessions from the moment you got the inquiry until you edited the last image? No more dread or frustration.

You want to learn it all in one place

You want someone to give you a proven roadmap with everything you need to succeed as a newborn photographer.

Tell me if this sounds just like what you want..
Learn hands-on how to pose and wrap newborns. Including several wrapping styles to secure even the squirmiest of babies!
Have open discussions and leadership on running a profitable business. Nothing is off limits! 
To spend a whole day immersed building your six-figure newborn business. Learn by watching me, doing it yourself with guidance, and watching others in the group.

Walk away feeling empowered and confident in all things newborn sessions

This one-day workshop will level-up your business for good & create year-round inquiries

It is time to invest not only in business, but also yourself! In addition to learning everything you need to walk in (and out!) of newborn sessions confidently, you will also be connected with 5 other photographers who are in the same boat! I will walk along aside you and cheer you on as you build the business of your dreams--without having to work on weekends and during every golden hour. 



The Elevated Newborns Workshop


JULY 25TH 2022
9:30A - 4:30P


This is for you if you:

Are ready to have a breakthrough and expand your family photography business into newborns.

Already are comfortable operating your camera and shooting in Manual mode.

Want clients who leave you glowing reviews and post about how much they love you-- telling all their expecting friends about you!

Want to make more money without the sleepless nights & 2am editing sessions or giving up all your weekends.

Want to give your clients the best newborn photography experience in the comfort of their home.

Crave consistency in your work, regardless of different lighting scenarios.

What exactly is the Elevated Newborns Workshop?

Good question! Here is our itinerary! 

Hint: It's everything you need to have a strong newborn photography business

9:30a-Introductions and gear/set up overview

10:00a- "younger baby" session. A 7-10 day old baby and their family will come to the studio. I will go through my entire session workflow, teaching you as I go! Everything from posing to camera settings will be covered! You are welcome to shoot along side me or sit back and observe. However you learn best! 

12p-1p- Catered Lunch and Open Business Chat. Nothing is off limits--any questions you have will be answered! 

1p-"Older Baby" Session. A 5-6 week old baby and their family will come to the studio. I will teach you my entire session workflow as I shoot the session. Older babies are generally more challenging--this will be a great opportunity to troubleshoot some common newborn restlessness.You are welcome to shoot along side me if you would like. 

3:00p- Photoshop Composite Editing Demo. I will show you how to photoshop composite the "Froggy" pose and well as how to face swap on sibling poses in Adobe Photoshop. 95% of my editing is done in Lightroom, but you need Photoshop for these big jobs!

3:30p-4:30p- Open Q&A, How to Price your Newborn Sessions, business takeaways and more!


The Gear List and Set Up

A detailed in-depth look at everything I bring to my in-home newborn sessions that makes the magic possible, as well as how I set it all up! No need to take notes, I will supply you with an exact list of everything! In addition, you will also receive a cream colored wrap, bonnet, and tieback set from my absolute favorite newborn prop creator. Exclusively designed for workshop attendees.


Hands-On Baby Demo (Younger  Baby)

Younger babies (5-14 days) make up a majority of my newborn clients. They are generally "easier" to work with in terms of sleepiness, posing, etc. We will wrap baby in at least two different styles, shoot family photos (three different poses with dozens of variations,) sibling photos (two different poses,) each parent alone with baby (two poses per parent,) and then baby-only poses. Two different wrap styles, naked poses (Forward-facing, Froggy, bum-up, and Timber.) We will utilize every minute and you will have the opportunity to watch as well as handle the baby. 


Lunch & Open Business Discussion

Catered Lunch will be supplied (attendees will place order prior to workshop day!) and we will discuss the nitty-gritty of having a newborn photography business-- how to prepare your clients, what to price your sessions at, how to navigate sticky situations and more! Nothing is off-limits-- I am an open book! 


Hands- On Baby Demo      
(Older Baby)

Older babies are a bit more particular, to say the least. Here we will have a 5-6 week old baby coming to the studio for a session! We will wrap the baby, shoot family poses, parent poses, and do a baby-only  portion of the session. I will teach you the ways you can modify a session for an older baby, NICU grad, or a generally restless baby that may not be as sleepy as they would have a few weeks earlier. 


Kind Words

"Stephanie made me feel empowered to turn my hobby into a business that’s providing for my family financially. I contribute all my success to Stephanie. It was all of her encouragement, belief in me, how she was able to teach technical skills in such an easy way, and business marketing/planning, that I am where I am at today. I highly recommend learning from Stephanie!"

Jessica B. 

Sign me up!

I am ready to elevate my newborns to the next level

You'll Receive

7-hour jam-packed workshop day 

My Favorite wrap, bonnet, and tieback set

Pricing for Profit worksheet

Fussy Baby Cheat Sheet

Customizable Newborn Session Guides

Customizable Pricing Guide

Additionally, the entire workshop will be professionally filmed and available for you to watch and re-learn 
as many times as you would like!



Hey Friends, 

I'm Stephanie--the girl behind the Elevated Newborns Workshop. I help family and newborn photographers elevate their businesses to a level that allows both financial freedom and work/life balance. I'm here to cheer for you on your business journey and share everything I learned as I  built my six-figure photography business from the ground up. 

I started my business while I was working full-time as a home health nurse and had two babies under two! There were many tears, 70+ hour work weeks, and mistakes made--it has become my mission to help other photographers speed-up their success so you too can live the self-employed dream life sooner. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elevated Newborns for me? 

If you are a family and/or newborn photographer looking to grow your business --Yes! This is for you.

This is not for those who are unfamiliar with their camera. I will be discussing settings, so you need to have a basic understanding of ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. If you still shoot in an Auto mode but understand these foundations, reach out to me.

How is this different from most newborn photography courses? 

Unlike many courses that just teach why you how to pose babies, we go in-depth with family poses, using natural or artificial light, how to wrap, troubleshooting fussy babies, full gear list of everything I bring to my newborn sessions, and so much more. I have limited this workshop to only 6 seats to allow everyone time and space to learn. I want you to walk alway full-prepared to excel. 

What do I need to bring?

Yourself and your camera, if you would like to shoot! Lunch, beverages, notebooks, pens, printouts, and everything else you will need is supplied! 

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